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Daisy Shipping Bundle

Daisy Shipping Bundle

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10x13 Biodegradable Poly Mailers for the environmentally aware small business! Our strong and reliable mailers are the perfect shipping solution for your business needs. Boasting higher puncture and tear resistance than standard mailers, our mailers will keep your customer’s products safe and secure during delivery. Plus, you’ll be able to do your part for the environment when you choose 10x13 Biodegradable Poly Mailers!

Our mailers are fully biodegradable making them a more sustainable way to protect your products during transit. Plus, with these Biodegradable Poly Mailers you can rest assured that when it's time for disposal, your mailers will leave minimal environmental impact. The bags create ZERO microplastics and no methane gas, while still keeping items safe and secure. They are designed to decompose quickly and naturally, helping you do your part for the environment without sacrificing strength and sturdiness.

In addition to being eco-friendly, they are easy to seal, reducing the amount of time it takes to package an item. Add to that the fact that they are waterproof and 75% stronger than the standard mailer, and you've got yourself the perfect shipping bag.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a corporate shipper, these Biodegradable Poly Mailers are the perfect environmentally conscious solution for all your shipping needs. Get yours today and help protect the environment while keeping your products safe and secure during transit!

At SomeFinn, we’re committed to providing you with the best experience possible. So go ahead and ditch the plastic—our eco-friendly mailers make it easy to ship sustainably and responsibly.

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- 10"x13"

- 5.5mil (140mic) thickness

- Certified D2W Oxidative Biodegradable

- 100% recyclable - however in the case that they find their way into the natural environment, the bags will break down into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass, leaving no polymers or waste behind

- Tear proof, waterproof and durable

- Self sealing with strip adhesive

- Appx 4-6 medium t shirts will fit in the 10x13 mailers

Thank You Cards:

- 4"x6" Coordinating Thank You Cards

- Blank back side for easy writing

- 100lb Recycled cardstock

Sticker Sheets:

- Vinyl 4x6 Sticker Sheets

- 9 Stickers per sheet


- Custom designs by SomeFinnGraphics

Dont forget the code: FREESHIP to get shipping on us

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